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0000321mercuryBugpublic2014-09-05 15:47
Assigned Topbone 
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Summary0000321: Exception handling and intermodule optimisation create linker errors
DescriptionThe C linker gives me errors such as:

paul@oxygen> mmc --rebuild test -O2 --intermodule-optimization
Making Mercury/int3s/test.int3
Making Mercury/ints/test.int
Making Mercury/opts/test.opt
Making Mercury/cs/test.c
Making Mercury/os/test.o
Making test
** Error making `test'.
Mercury/os/test.o: In function `<predicate 'test.try_divide'/3 mode 0>':
test.c:(.text+0xe6): undefined reference to `<predicate 'exception.wrap_success_or_failure'/2 mode 0>'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

When I use at least -O2 and --intermodule-optimisation and my module includes exception handling code (see attached).

I'm using Mercury 14.01, this bug seems to be recent, it didn't occur in 13.05. I haven't checked versions in between.
Steps To ReproduceMercury 14.01 in the low-level C grade,

mmc --rebuild test -O2 --intermodule-optimization
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juliensf (administrator)

What OS / processor is this occurring on?
How was the Mercury compiler built and installed? (E.g. was it directly from the source distribution or was it recompiled on the system that exhibits the problem?)
What version of GCC is this?


pbone (administrator)

This is my normal Debian Linux on x86_64 system.

paul@oxygen> uname -a
Linux oxygen 3.12-1-amd64 0000001 SMP Debian 3.12.9-1 (2014-02-01) x86_64 GNU/Linux
paul@oxygen> cat /etc/debian_version
paul@oxygen> gcc --version
gcc (Debian 4.8.2-16) 4.8.2
Copyright (C) 2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO

I believe (but aren't certain) that I bootstrapped the Mercury installation using the same version. Ie, I used the source distribution, installed a single grade and the compiler, and then untared a fresh build tree and built the real version using the mmc I'd just installed.


pbone (administrator)

Working on this now.


pbone (administrator)

I revisited this today. It now seems like the exception.opt file that gets installed doesn't match the code compiled into libmer_std.so I don't yet know why or under what conditions this happens, because it doesn't always happen.


pbone (administrator)

I can't reliably reproduce this bug. Some installations of Mercury create the bug and some do not. I've tried many times to install different versions of Mercury in different ways and haven't found what causes it. It seems to be something wrong with how the exception module is compiled.

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