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0000040mercuryBugpublic2010-02-02 16:23
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Summary0000040: RTTI looks for the name of a solver value return repn. type name
Descriptiontype_name(type_of(X)) where X is a solver type returns the name of the representation type
not the solver type itself. This will occurs even if the solver type is imported from another

The attached test case demonstrates this problem.
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juliensf (administrator)

Last edited: 2008-02-03 16:45

I think this is occurring because the implementation of type_of/1 calls MR_collapse_equivalences
and (for some reason) solver types are being treated as equivalences in this respect.

Unfortunately, there is nothing in the current RTTI data structures that would allow us
to distinguish that a type_info is for a solver type and avoid collapsing the equivalences.
(Actually, for solver types and solver type equivalences you would need to collapse equivalences,
but only as far back as the last solver type.)

In order to fix this I think we will need to add something to type_infos that distinguishes solver
types from non-solver types.


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