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0000404mercuryBugpublic2016-10-03 13:42
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Summary0000404: mmc --rebuild not working
Descriptionmmc --rebuild is no longer causing anything to be rebuild. (Presumably caused by commit 1fcdc4c)
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wangp (developer)

This is indeed due to commit 1fcdc4c which changed the internal representation of --rebuild as opm_top_make(opmm_must_rebuild). The problem is that the op_mode for sub-steps is not opm_top_make(opmm_must_rebuild) but opm_top_args(blah) so that check_dependency_timestamps has lost the indicator that --rebuild is in effect.

I think we should change --rebuild back to a normal option that implies --make (opm_top_make).


zs (developer)

Could either one of you add a test case for this bug? The reason I haven't looked at this bug when it was first filed is that I have no way of reproducing it, since I don't use --make myself.


juliensf (administrator)

Any valid Mercury program is a test case for this bug, samples/hello.m for instance.

     samples jfischer$ mmc --make hello
     Making Mercury/int3s/hello.int3
     Making Mercury/ints/hello.int
     Making Mercury/cs/hello.c
     Making Mercury/os/hello.o
     Making hello

    samples jfischer$ mmc --rebuild hello
    ** Nothing to be done for `hello'.


zs (developer)

Fixed in commit 3485884 on 2016 oct 3.

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