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0000439mercuryBugpublic2017-08-06 13:09
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Summary0000439: cannot build module which imports empty nested sub-module
DescriptionBoth mmc --make and mmake are unable to build a module which tries to import an empty nested sub-module. Obviously this is extremely low priority, and the fix may be to disallow such sub-modules.

% mmc -m empty_submodule
Making Mercury/int3s/empty_submodule.int3
empty_submodule.m:014: Warning: submodule `empty_submodule.nested' of module
empty_submodule.m:014: `empty_submodule' is empty.
** Error reading file `empty_submodule.nested.m' to generate dependencies.
** Module `empty_submodule.nested' is imported or included by module `empty_submodule'.
mercury_compile: cannot find source for module `empty_submodule.nested' in
  directories `.'

% mmake empty_submodule.depend && mmake empty_submodule
gmake: *** No rule to make target 'empty_submodule.nested.int', needed by 'empty_submodule.c_date'. Stop.
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