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Summary0000471: float rounding
Descriptionfloat.round_to_int and math.round are implemented with
    floor(X + 0.5)

There are problems with very large floats that behave as integers, e.g.
    round(8333333333388609.0) -> 8333333333388610.0

or when the fractional part is the predecessor of 0.5, e.g.
    round_to_int(0.49999999999999994) -> 1

See http://blog.frama-c.com/index.php?post/2013/05/02/nearbyintf1

I think no real programs would intentionally depend on the current behaviour so we should be free to fix the implementation.


BTW {ceiling,floor,round,truncate}_to_int should specify the behaviour if the value would overflow the result type [or if the input is NaN]. But that's only one aspect of overflow handling that we don't do yet.
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