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0000560mercuryBugpublic2022-05-31 16:24
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Summary0000560: asm_fast.gc crashes on aarch64 with gcc 10.2
DescriptionConfigure enables asm_fast.gc by default on aarch64 but it doesn't work with newer versions of gcc:

gcc 10.2, Debian 11 - crash
gcc 8.3.0, Debian 10 - ok
gcc 6.3.0, Debian 9 - ok

reg.gc works so far on a few small programs. I have not tried a bootcheck yet (emulation is slow).
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juliensf (administrator)

Does the crash with the sample programs occur with GCC 10.2 occur with:

    a. --mercury-linkage shared
    b. --mercury-linkage static
    c. both

Have you tried compiling with gcc -O0?


wangp (developer)

It crashes in all three cases (--mercury-linkage shared, --mercury-linkage static, compiling the standard library and hello.m with gcc -O0).


wangp (developer)

Debian 11 also has a package for gcc version 9.3.0.

The sample programs also crash in asm_fast.gc using gcc 9.3.0 in all three cases (--mercury-linkage shared, --mercury-linkage static, compiling the standard library and hello.m with gcc -O0).


juliensf (administrator)

In the absence of an immediate fix, I suggest we disable the use of asm_fast as the LLDS base grade on aarch64 for GCC >= 9 on both the master and release branches (assuming reg.gc is ok.)


wangp (developer)

It has something to do with PIC. Adding this to Mmake.params and compiling the sample programs without PIC makes them not crash:

EXTRA_CFLAGS = -fno-pic -fno-PIC -static

(That makes me a bit suspicious that it is something similar to the PIC register issue on x86, but it might be completely unrelated.)

For now I agree we should disable asm_fast on aarch64 with GCC >= 9. I'm doing a partial bootcheck on reg.gc to make sure that works ok.

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