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0000573mercuryBugpublic2024-02-23 16:44
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Summary0000573: mmc --make regression remaking .opt files unnecessarily
DescriptionCommit 8b5cc5125 ("Use string builders for .*opt files.")
introduces a regression where .opt files are remade unnecessarily.
Using the samples/diff program for example:

    % mmc --intermod-opt -j32 -m diff
    [... trimmed output ...]
    Making diff

    % touch match.m

    % mmc --intermod-opt -m diff
    Making Mercury/int3s/match.int3
    Making Mercury/ints/match.int
    Making Mercury/opts/match.opt
    ** Nothing to be done for `diff'.

    % mmc --intermod-opt -m diff
    Making Mercury/int3s/match.int3
    Making Mercury/opts/match.opt
    ** Nothing to be done for `diff'.

where every subsequent invocation of mmc --make will keep remaking match.opt.
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zs (developer)

Fix committed 2024 feb 23.

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