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0000092mercuryBugpublic2009-03-09 23:43
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Summary0000092: generated C code contains a block that defines a variable that shadows a headvar in hlc.gc
DescriptionCompiling the C code generated for the attached module in the hlc.gc grade results in:

shadowed_headvar.m: In function 'shadowed_headvar__type_defined_in_runtime_1_p_0':
shadowed_headvar.m:64: warning: declaration of 'shadowed_headvar__HeadVar__1_1' shadows a parameter
shadowed_headvar.m:38: warning: shadowed declaration is here
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2009-03-09 23:43 juliensf New Issue
2009-03-09 23:43 juliensf File Added: shadowed_headvar.m
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