2023-10-03 15:21 AEDT

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000056321 Bugcrashresolved (zs)2023-09-04type constructor for equivalence type not found
  00004942   Bugminorresolved (juliensf)2023-08-02hard_coded/nonascii fails on Windows
  00001512   Bugtrivialresolved (juliensf)2022-10-11Incorrect documentation for string.unsafe_set_char
  000056211 Bugminorresolved (zs)2022-08-18performance regression since rotd-2022-05-01
  000055921 Bugminorresolved (zs)2022-08-03Stack overflow in hlc.gc Mercury 22.01.1 compiler on Windows
  00005583   Bugmajorresolved (juliensf)2022-04-22The mprof.1 manpage is currupt
  000055711 Bugminorresolved (zs)2022-04-11Ambiguous type causes compiler error without giving a useful error message for debugging
  00005563   Bugminorresolved (zs)2022-04-07Stage 2 compiler does not build with --intermod-opt -O5 and rotd-2022-04-04
  00005541   Bugminorresolved (juliensf)2022-03-29mmake realclean does not remove .dep_err files
  00005524   Bugminorresolved (zs)2022-03-17Compiler aborts in deep_profiler directory in Java grade with --intermod-opt
  000054511 Bugminorresolved (zs)2022-02-22Data constructor named "event" results in invalid optimisation interface
  00005511   Bugminorresolved (zs)2022-02-21Information messages refer to non-existent pragma
  00005483   Bugminorresolved (zs)2022-02-12Stage 2 compiler fails in hlc.gc.pregen -O4 bootcheck
  000054461 Bugminorresolved (zs)2022-02-07Test failure: valid/static causes compiler abort in grade hlc.gc.tr at -O5 and above
  000049911 Bugminorresolved (zs)2022-01-25unqualified type encountered assertion
  00005301   Feature Requestminorresolved (zs)2022-01-25diagnose inapplicable insts in mode declarations
  000052131 Bugminorresolved (zs)2022-01-25Missing error message about an 'undefined type'; misleading error message instead
  00005411   Bugminorresolved (zs)2022-01-25Standard lib compilation aborts in asm_fast.gc.profdeep.stseg with --intermod-opt -O5
  00005421   Bugminorresolved (zs)2022-01-24Test failure: hard_coded/gh72 causes compiler abort at -O5
  00005431   Bugminorresolved (zs)2022-01-24Test failures: hard_coded/backend_external -- invalid C code at -O6
  000053941 Bugminorresolved (zs)2021-10-14placing nondummy var which has no state (LCMC)
  000053811 Bugminorresolved (zs)2021-09-13Compiler does not recognise a chained subtype definition
  00005326   Bugminorresolved (zs)2021-05-13constant_prop_2 failure in low-level C grades
  00005263   Bugminorresolved (wangp)2021-04-28unused imports affected by opt-imported typeclass instances
  000052911 Bugminorresolved (zs)2021-02-26higher order inst from existentially quantified data constructors
  000052831 Bugminorresolved (zs)2021-01-30Compiler aborts when constructing invalid inst
  000051211 Bugminorresolved (zs)2020-10-29branches of if-then-else disagree on liveness
  000052471 Bugblockresolved (zs)2020-10-16Installing rotd-2020-10-13 aborts with error
  00005223   Bugminorresolved (zs)2020-10-16Compiler not building in Java grade with rotd-2020-09-29 onwards
  00005081   Bugminorresolved (zs)2020-10-16Type constructors that are also Mercury operators result in invalid .int3 files
  000051521 Bugminorresolved (zs)2020-10-16Library not building in deep profiling grades with rotd-2020-07-26
  00005231   Bugminorresolved (zs)2020-10-13Compiler abort with rotd-2020-10-{11,12}
  00004951   Bugminorresolved (zs)2020-10-06-O<n> options not additive
  00005191   Bugminorresolved (juliensf)2020-10-01extras/graphics/mercury_tcltk library may contain reference to unknown matherr symbol
  000051811 Bugminorresolved (zs)2020-09-17Typo in extras/odbc.m
  00005161   Bugminorresolved (zs)2020-08-09Failure of tests/general/mode_inference_reorder with recent ROTDs.
  000051342 Bugminorresolved (zs)2020-07-29higher-order terms in freebsd bug.
  00005143   Bugminorresolved (zs)2020-07-28asm_fast.gc.profdeep.stseg grade fails to compile with GCC 10
  00005024   Feature Requestminorresolved (juliensf)2020-06-09print unsigned numbers
  00004973   Feature Requestminorresolved (zs)2020-04-20make disable_warning forwards compatible
  00004613   Bugminorresolved (wangp)2020-04-20MR_verify_final_engine_sleep_sync assertion failure (parallel conjunction)
  000048052 Bugminorresolved (zs)2020-04-15regression in cse_detection.m
  000049641 Bugminorresolved (zs)2020-04-15Determinism error in 20.01 for code that compiles successfully in 14.01.1
  00001202   Bugminorresolved (juliensf)2020-02-04bootchecking in reg.gc fails on Mac OS 10.6
  000048411 Feature Requestminorresolved (zs)2020-01-24error message could be more specific
  000049311 Bugminorresolved (zs)2020-01-23MLDS ground terms bug
  00004925   Bugminorresolved (juliensf)2020-01-18make install fails with GCC internal error on Fedora 31
  000048991 Bugminorresolved (wangp)2020-01-15mmc --make gets confused by source files with same name as standard library module
  00004881   Bugminorresolved (zs)2019-10-28Variable as pred name in predmode decl causes generates incorrect error message
  000048711 Bugminorresolved (zs)2019-10-08Incomplete and confusing error message