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0000351mercuryBugpublic2014-08-12 19:50
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Summary0000351: abort compiling integer.m with parallel conjunction
DescriptionThe master branch fails to bootcheck for me at -O5 --intermod-opt in asm_fast.gc, after the commit[1] which introduces a parallel conjunction to integer.m. The error log is attached.

The 14.01 branch seems fine.

[1] cb161d615520c277a90a74de3a13682b20cc0a7e
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juliensf (administrator)

For the moment you can just replace the parallel conjunction with a sequential one -- Paul was going to take a look further look at that parallel conjunction anyway, so I guess this is just something else for him to do as well ;-)


zs (developer)

The error message indicates a problem in the LLDS code generator, or in the HLDS being fed into it. I will take a look.


zs (developer)

Fix committed aug 11.


zs (developer)

Fix committed aug 11.

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