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0000359mercuryBugpublic2018-03-06 15:45
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Summary0000359: constrained polymorphic modes
DescriptionSaving test cases to fix some other time.
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wangp (developer)

The problem in lambda.m:


mark (administrator)

A workaround for this is to use an explicit pred expression. For the lambda.m example, write:

    P = (pred(Z::out(bound(1))) is det :- id(1, Z))

This will ensure that the inst variable for call to id/2 is bound in the way that is intended.


wangp (developer)

While investigating something else, I found that modecheck_higher_order_call calls inst_expand which does not look past a top-level node of constrained_inst_vars. So this does not work, but I think there is no reason it should not work.

:- inst b == (pred(in) is semidet).

:- pred p2(pred(int)::in(I)) is semidet <= I =< b.

p2(X) :- X(42).


wangp (developer)

The compiler crashes on create_test_unification.m:

Software Error: predicate `parse_tree.prog_mode.get_arg_insts'/4: Unexpected: defined_inst

simplify_goal_switch.create_test_unification calls inst_expand (which does not touch an inst with constrained_inst_vars at the top level) followed by get_arg_insts (which expects the inst to be expanded).

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