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0000520mercuryBugpublic2020-10-02 17:46
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Summary0000520: possible GCC ICE when compiling library/int.m in asm_fast.gc.tr.debug.stseg grade with -O1
DescriptionI'm not really sure this is even a Mercury bug.

When mercury is configured with --enabled-trail-grades an internal compiler error may occur when compiling library/int.m or library/uint.m in the asm_fast.gc.tr.debug.stseg grade and -O2 optimizations exist in CFLAGS.

To reproduce:

$ ./configure --enable-trail-grades
$ echo "EXTRA_CFLAGS = -O1" >> Mmake.params
$ make
$ make install

Alternatively, if mercury is already installed with a asm_fast.gc.tr.debug.stseg grade:

$ cd mercury-srcdist/library
$ mmc --compile-to-c --grade asm_fast.gc.tr.debug.stseg int
$ mgnuc --grade asm_fast.gc.tr.debug.stseg -- -O1 -c int.c int.o

In both cases the following ICE has been observed:

int.c: In function 'int_module123':
int.c:21687:1: error: unable to generate reloads for:
(insn 162 161 163 11 (parallel [
            (set (reg/v:DI 43 r15 [ MR_mr3 ])
                (ashift:DI (reg/v:DI 42 r14 [ MR_mr2 ])
                    (const_int 6 [0x6])))
            (clobber (reg:CC 17 flags))
        ]) "int.m":1013:18 520 {*ashldi3_1}
     (expr_list:REG_UNUSED (reg:CC 17 flags)
during RTL pass: reload
int.c21687:1: internal compiler error: in curr_insn_transform, at lra-constraints.c:3962

The ICE only seems to occur with GCC 9.x. I've tried the following versions of GCC:

* 8.3.0: no ICE
* 9.2.0: ICE
* 9.3.0: ICE
* 10.2.0: no ICE
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juliensf (administrator)

It's a Mercury bug to the extent that we would ideally apply workarounds to avoid the bugs in the affected versions of GCC.


juliensf (administrator)

This is the issue from bug 0000492. The compiler already has a workaround for the problem, but by setting EXTRA_CFLAGS=-O1 you are overriding that workaround.

The underlying issue is not present in the GCC 8 and 10 branches, but seems to affect all versions of GCC 9 for x86_64.

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