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0000153mercuryBugpublic2010-07-06 23:51
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Summary0000153: toc in pdf user's guide is empty
DescriptionThe TOC in the pdf version of the user's guide is empty.
This was reported against rotd-2010-06-23.
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pbone (administrator)

This is caused when the user_guide.pdf make rule is executed
before the user_guide.dvi_log rule. pdftexi executes tex only once, therefore
it is not able to generate the TOC. Executing the .dvi_log rule before the
.pdf rule solves this problem because texinfo (used to create the .dvi) runs
tex the correct number of times.


pbone (administrator)

Committed fix to CVS.


pbone (administrator)

Julien, can you include this fix in 10.04?


juliensf (administrator)

Merged onto 10.04 branch as well.

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