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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000009331 Bugminorresolved (zs)2009-09-22large ground terms optimisation and unique modes
  000010631 Bugmajorresolved (juliensf)2009-09-22Linking with multiple C++ files yields a "duplicate symbol" error
  00001014   Bugmajorresolved (juliensf)2009-07-28Deep profiling of programs compiled against G12 creates currupt Deep.data files.
  00000951   Bugtweakresolved (rafe)2009-06-16svset module descriptions don't match declarations.
  0000097 1 Bugminorresolved (wangp)2009-06-12rotd-2009-06-02 generates invalid Erlang code
  000008311 Bugminorresolved (juliensf)2009-04-06ambiguous names in foreign_export
  000006872 Bugminorresolved (wangp)2009-03-26version_hash_table.delete is buggy
  0000092 1 Bugminornew2009-03-09generated C code contains a block that defines a variable that shadows a headvar in hlc.gc
  0000088    Bugblocknew2008-11-17test_odbc hangs on call to SQLConnect()
  00000873   Bugmajorresolved (zs)2008-11-03Programs compiled in profdeep grade create currupt Deep.data files.
  000004241 Bugminorresolved (wangp)2008-10-22bug with LCMC in hlc grades
  000008541 Bugminornew2008-09-23stage 1 compiler aborts when compiled with -O5 --intermodule-optimization
  00000721   Bugminorresolved (petdr)2008-09-17Erroneous reference to snprintf when compiling mercury_wrapper.c with MSVC
  000007421 Bugcrashconfirmed2008-09-02abstract data types in type classes get garbled on x64
  000008222 Bugmajorresolved (wangp)2008-08-27Functions returning a wrapped dummy type cause invalid c code to be generated in grade hlc.gc
  0000081    Bugminorassigned (juliensf)2008-08-22failure of hard_coded/tl_backjump_test with --intermodule-optimization
  000007611 Bugminorresolved (wangp)2008-08-22--make-opt-int incorrectly handles existentially typed methods
  000006532 Bugminorresolved (wangp)2008-08-07probable bug in .stseg grades
  00000691   Bugminornew2008-07-23Deep profiling tools can have integer overflows.
  0000063    Bugminornew2008-06-26mdprof_cgi gets confused about the webserver's port number.
  0000062    Bugminorresolved (juliensf)2008-06-06Compiler crashes at bad end_module declaration.
  0000061 2 Bugminornew2008-06-03problem with _init suffix in module names
  000005521 Bugmajorconfirmed2008-06-02typeclass instances for e.g. bag(T) no longer work
  00000561   Bugmajorresolved (zs)2008-05-26compiler crashes in decldebug grade
  0000060 1 Bugminornew2008-04-29inconsistent type_infos after type specialisation?
  0000057    Bugminorassigned (mark)2008-04-10--common-struct inhibits tail call optimisation
  000005241 Bugminorresolved (juliensf)2008-03-27rebuilding a program with a mutable in a different grade causes invalid c to be generated
  00000334   Bugmajorassigned (mark)2008-03-26Compiler abort when generating low level code
  000004861 Bugminorresolved (mark)2008-03-26compiler abort in .decldebug grade
  0000054    Bugminorassigned (mark)2008-03-26rtti_varmaps not updated by follow_code
  000004932 Bugminornew2008-03-17loop invariant hoisting causes MLDS backend to abort
  000004311 Bugminorresolved (wangp)2008-03-05intermod unused args analysis and typeclass constraints
  000004711 Bugminornew2008-02-25mutable dependency problem
  000004421 Bugmajorresolved (zs)2008-02-20compiler abort in debug grades
  000004512 Bugminorresolved (zs)2008-02-20mdb not using format params from .mdbrc
  00000461   Bugminorresolved (zs)2008-02-20regression of general/det_complicated_unify in grade asm_fast.gc.profdeep
  000003032 Bugminorresolved (juliensf)2008-01-23break promise_equivalent_solutions
  000003711 Bugminorresolved (juliensf)2008-01-17high-level C backend produces invalid C code
  0000038    Bugminornew2008-01-16Compiler aborts in detism analysis with inst any case in negated context
  0000034 1 Bugminornew2008-01-03confusing error message in lambda function (but good message in predicate version)
  0000032    Bugminornew2007-12-14loop invariant optimization generates invalid HLDS
  000003134 Bugminorresolved (juliensf)2007-12-10modules compilation on 64-bit platform eats too much memory
  000000481 Bugminorresolved (juliensf)2007-12-09change in --runtime-flags should rebuild <main>_init.o
  000002811 Bugmajorresolved (zs)2007-11-19Unexpected: adjust_livevals
  00000272   Bugcrashresolved (juliensf)2007-11-14Type var in instance declaration can cause compiler to crash
  000001871 Bugminorresolved (juliensf)2007-11-08inconsistent treatment of true goals with no outputs.
  000002511 Bugcrashconfirmed2007-11-01tabling of predicates with type class constraints causes an internal compiler error
  000002111 Bugminorresolved (juliensf)2007-11-01equivalences for solver types lead to badly typed initialisation predicates
  00000243   Bugminorresolved (juliensf)2007-10-31Debugger commands inconsistant with help message.
  000000711 Bugminorfeedback2007-10-26Type ctor module name bug