2024-04-25 18:39 AEST

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00001501   Bugminorresolved (zs)2010-09-15nit in error msg
  000012811 Bugminorresolved (zs)2010-09-15merge_instmapping_delta_2: error merging var 20
  000015911 Bugminorresolved (zs)2010-09-14liveness.m: Unexpected: branches of switch disagree on liveness
  0000164    Bugminornew2010-09-14problem with mmake -j32
  000010992 Bugminorresolved (zs)2010-09-14rotd-2009-10-05's library install fails for grade hlc
  000015431 Bugminornew2010-08-25compiler abort with debugging enabled
  000015811 Bugminorresolved (wangp)2010-08-19char constants do not unify
  00001373   Bugminornew2010-07-21failing analysis framework tests
  0000067 1 Bugminorresolved (wangp)2010-07-15mprof doesn't like duplicate names
  000014221 Bugminorresolved (wangp)2010-07-15problem updating rtti varmaps on inlining
  000015522 Bugmajornew2010-07-07Mode error with impure code.
  00001534   Bugminorresolved (juliensf)2010-07-06toc in pdf user's guide is empty
  0000152    Bugcrashnew2010-06-08Test cases crash the compiler in mmos grades.
  0000149    Bugminornew2010-05-25inter-module optimization and abstract exported equivalence types.
  0000147    Bugminornew2010-05-25NaN behaviour
  000014321 Bugfeatureresolved (juliensf)2010-05-20':- initialise' directives not being respected.
  0000145    Bugmajorresolved (wangp)2010-04-21loop invariants broken
  0000140    Bugtextacknowledged2010-04-01Manual section 10 doesn't mention existential types
  000014142 Bugfeaturenew2010-04-01integer has no method for converting to int with wraparound
  0000139    Bugminornew2010-03-23If mercury is installed in a directly with a '+' symbol in it's name, then mkinit will not work.
  00001381   Bugtextresolved (juliensf)2010-03-16Mistake in Language Reference, section 2.3
  000013411 Bugminorresolved (zs)2010-03-04abort in MLDS backend with --no-static-ground-terms
  00001211   Bugmajorresolved (juliensf)2010-02-27parallel grades do not build on Mac OS 10.6
  0000133 1 Bugmajorresolved (wangp)2010-02-15Software Error: try_expand.m: Unexpected: find_subparts: unexpected goal form
  00000203   Bugminorresolved (maclarty)2010-02-05declarative debugger going up search tree when initial node trusted.
  0000127    Bugminorresolved (wangp)2010-02-05implementation defined constants don't work with try goals
  000013211 Bugtextresolved (juliensf)2010-02-02Typo in make_hlds_warn ("ccur")
  000004011 Bugminorconfirmed2010-02-02RTTI looks for the name of a solver value return repn. type name
  000010021 Bugminorresolved (juliensf)2010-02-02incorrect report that a module is unused
  0000131    Bugminornew2010-01-28Compilation fails when the same variable is used in two trace goals but not outside the trace goals.
  00000965   Bugtextresolved (rafe)2010-01-27some predicates parsing_utils are documented with arguments in an incorrect order.
  0000126    Bugmajorresolved (wangp)2010-01-25unable to build asm_fast.gc.stseg grade under cygwin
  00001291   Bugminorresolved (wangp)2010-01-25java grade generates uncompilable code for some uses of typeclasses
  000012231 Bugminorresolved (mark)2010-01-18Functional dependency typeclass instance in module with sub-module int0 error
  000012311 Bugminorresolved (wangp)2010-01-12typeclass instance clause type mix.
  000010221 Bugminorresolved (juliensf)2009-12-17Inconsistent behaviour (error vs. warning) when compiling with --make
  00001181   Bugminorresolved (juliensf)2009-12-16table_reset predicates omitted in non-tabling grades
  00000158   Bugmajorresolved (juliensf)2009-12-11wrong variable scoping in `if ( some[X] p(X) ) then q(X) ...'
  000007714   Bugcrashresolved (juliensf)2009-12-01make install issues with mercury-compiler-rotd-2008-08-14
  00000391   Bugminorresolved (wangp)2009-11-27gcc 4.1.2 on x86-64 miscompiles computed gotos
  00000783   Bugminorresolved (wangp)2009-11-27make install fails on Fedora 9 with gcc 4.3
  00000661   Bugminorresolved (wangp)2009-11-25gcc 4.2 incompatibility
  00001087   Bugminorresolved (wangp)2009-11-23invalid java path with mercury and mingw
  000011422 Bugminoracknowledged2009-10-30rotd-2009-10-05's library install fails for grade hlc.agc
  00001124   Bugfeatureresolved (juliensf)2009-10-17set_* modules inconsistent
  000011311 Bugminorresolved (zs)2009-10-17abort during purity checking.
  0000111 1 Bugminornew2009-10-12Throwing exception in tabled predicate causes table entry to remain active
  00001042   Bugminorfeedback2009-10-06Static linking doesn't properly track dependencies
  00001051   Bugminorresolved (wangp)2009-10-06hl.gc grade is broken
  00001071   Bugminorresolved (wangp)2009-09-24undefined kill function while link mercury compiler under mingw