2022-05-18 20:50 AEST

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00002812   Bugminorresolved2018-08-08Tabling test case failures
  0000466    Bugminornew2018-07-29Test failures in asm_fast.par.gc.stseg
  0000465    Bugtrivialnew2018-07-27link lib error when compiling hello.m
  00004632   Bugminorresolved (juliensf)2018-07-20build failure on Linux when mono 5 is installed
  0000462 1 Feature Requestminorassigned (zs)2018-06-08packing notag arguments
  000045111 Feature Requestminorassigned (zs)2018-06-08unpack packed args only as necessary in field updates
  00004591   Bugminorresolved (zs)2018-05-07bootcheck applies stage 2 settings to stage 1
  000045711 Bugminorresolved (wangp)2018-04-30abort on construct_statically in var_locn
  0000456    Feature Requestminornew2018-04-26structured concurrency
  000045522 Bugminorresolved (juliensf)2018-04-21intermodule optimisation with fixed sized integer modules
  00004451   Bugminorresolved (wangp)2018-03-19__builtin_bswap16/32 support
  00004539   Bugcrashnew2018-03-16asm_fast does not work with gcc 5.4
  00004336   Bugminoracknowledged (pbone)2018-03-13mmc --make calls programs without full path
  00004061   Bugminoracknowledged (pbone)2018-03-13parallelism in standalone java example aborts
  00003368   Bugminoracknowledged (pbone)2018-03-13java programs do not wait for all threads to finish
  00003352   Bugminoracknowledged (pbone)2018-03-13assertion failure in MR_do_sleep
  000033321 Bugminoracknowledged (pbone)2018-03-13MR_num_idle_engines count goes wrong
  00002952   Bugminoracknowledged (pbone)2018-03-13io.read_line_as_string/3 and CRLF line endings on Windows
  00002741   Bugminoracknowledged (pbone)2018-03-13possibly incorrect purity cast in deep profiler
  00001634   Bugmajoracknowledged (pbone)2018-03-13mdprof_cgi (deep profiler webserver) seems to lock up and leave processes running that should have timed out.
  00001572   Bugminoracknowledged (pbone)2018-03-13mtags uninitialised value warnings
  000015611 Bugtextacknowledged (pbone)2018-03-13Headers in deep profiler clique report are incorrect.
  000045472 Bugminorresolved (wangp)2018-03-13arith_int64 failure
  00004091   Bugminorresolved (wangp)2018-03-09functor_ho_inst failing on 32-bit
  000035943 Bugminornew2018-03-06constrained polymorphic modes
  00004321   Feature Requestminorassigned (zs)2018-02-22pack constructor arguments in same word as primary tag
  000045211 Bugminorresolved (zs)2018-02-22model_det need_bit_vec_check
  00004492   Bugminorresolved (juliensf)2018-02-13Switches on uint64s not working in java grade
  0000450    Bugminornew2018-02-13tests/invalid/sub_c failing when running tests with -j8
  0000448    Bugminorassigned (zs)2018-02-07singleton warning generation ignores variables in quantifications
  0000447    Feature Requestfeatureassigned (zs)2018-02-06direct_arg_switch type representation
  0000446    Feature Requestfeatureassigned (zs)2018-01-30smarter comparisons of structures
  00004442   Bugcrashresolved (wangp)2018-01-12static linking with musl crashes
  00004343   Bugminorresolved (wangp)2018-01-09Alpine Linux / musl libc / x86_64 support
  0000443 1 Bugminornew2017-11-15Segmentation fault in high-level C .par.trseg grades
  0000442    Bugminornew2017-11-13Building compiler with -j4 and --use-mmc-make fails
  000044111 Bugminorassigned (zs)2017-10-18Invalid C code for program in hlc.gc grade
  000041132 Bugmajorresolved (wangp)2017-08-22abstract type not hidden
  0000440    Feature Requestminornew2017-08-10mdb: tab completion for function symbols
  0000439 1 Bugminornew2017-08-06cannot build module which imports empty nested sub-module
  000043711 Bugminorresolved (zs)2017-08-06abort on empty nested sub-module
  0000438 1 Bugminornew2017-08-05partial module qualification of use_module imported entity
  000041011 Bugminorresolved (zs)2017-06-17Syntax error causes compiler abort
  000043621 Bugminorresolved (juliensf)2017-05-03unknown constructor in foreign_enum
  000043141 Bugminorresolved (juliensf)2017-03-06Install fails during make install of java grade in rotd-2017-02-22
  00004301   Bugminorresolved (juliensf)2017-01-29optional underscores in numeric literals
  000042911 Bugminorresolved (zs)2017-01-20cse causes switch to be reported as non-switch
  0000428 1 Bugmajornew2016-10-25standalone_c complains about return value 0 (OK) from main/2.
  0000427    Bugminorassigned (juliensf)2016-10-23Use of long and unsigned long in C runtime code
  00004251   Bugminorresolved (zs)2016-10-10mmc --make loop on wrongly named module