2023-10-04 07:27 AEDT

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00000991   Bugminorresolved (juliensf)2011-10-09Incorrect command-line options for Visual Studio
  000022022 Bugminornew2011-10-05Termination analysis produces spurious "termination constant of infinity" errors
  00001722   Bugminorassigned (juliensf)2011-10-05Building library in asm_fast.gc.debug aborts on FreeBSD 8.1
  0000219 2 Bugminorassigned (maclarty)2011-09-26declarative debugger abort
  00002182   Bugfeaturenew2011-09-26Feature request: mdb commands for working with common data structures.
  000021711 Bugmajorresolved (juliensf)2011-09-21Can't compile simple program
  000020751 Bugmajorresolved (zs)2011-09-06tree_bitset.difference bug
  00002161   Bugminorresolved (zs)2011-09-06hlc grade generates empty structs in static data
  00002151   Bugtextresolved (juliensf)2011-09-05Documentation of assoc_list.filter/4 is missing the TrueList argument
  00001731   Bugminorresolved (juliensf)2011-08-19man pages for 10.04.2 contain string "Error reading options file"
  00002101   Bugtextresolved (juliensf)2011-08-19Language Reference confuses maybeskel and listskel in "Insts, modes, and mode definitions"
  00002091   Bugminorresolved (wangp)2011-08-01java grade broken in rotd-2011-07-31
  0000208    Bugfeaturenew2011-07-31add help and version command line options to mslice and mdice
  00002051   Bugtextresolved (juliensf)2011-07-23Documentation of array.foldr2 references non-existent list.foldr2
  00002061   Bugtextresolved (juliensf)2011-07-23User's guide has incorrect short option name for mtc --output-file
  0000204 1 Bugminorresolved (wangp)2011-07-13Generated code seg faults
  00002021   Bugminorresolved (juliensf)2011-07-11Test failures in profdeep grades
  00001361   Bugminorconfirmed2011-07-04hard_coded/impl_def_literal fails with -O5 --intermodule optimization
  0000201    Bugcrashnew2011-06-11tests/par_conj/cosume_wait blocks before exiting.
  00001983   Bugtextresolved (juliensf)2011-05-19event is a keyword but not mentioned in documentation
  000019711 Bugminorresolved (zs)2011-05-16abort in state variable transformation
  000019422 Bugminorconfirmed2011-05-13Optimizations -O4 to -O6 causing wrong answer
  0000188 1 Bugminorresolved (wangp)2011-05-03structure-reuse and intermod-opt breaks type_list_subsumes
  00001951   Bugtweakconfirmed2011-04-07mmc --java ignores -o option
  0000192    Bugfeaturenew2011-03-23State variable record notation enhancement
  000019041 Bugminorresolved (juliensf)2011-03-18solver type constraint_store declaration has trouble unifying imported types
  00001891   Bugminorresolved (juliensf)2011-03-16foreign_enum is not 64-bit safe
  000010311 Bugminorresolved (zs)2011-03-08bug in lcmc transformation
  000018612 Bugminornew2011-02-22abort when --infer-all is enabled
  00001855   Bugmajorconfirmed2011-02-16Cannot make typeclass instance for parameterised equivalence type
  0000182    Bugminornew2011-02-02Segfaults could be reported better.
  00001773   Bugminornew2011-01-19incorrect C# code generated when compiling extras/moose
  00001791   Bugminorresolved (wangp)2011-01-18csharp grade library compilation failure on MinGW / MSYS with MS C# compiler
  0000178    Bugtweaknew2011-01-12browser/browser_test.m does not compile.
  00001761   Bugminorresolved (juliensf)2010-12-20incorrect install names on Mac OS X with mmake
  00001751   Bugminorresolved (juliensf)2010-12-16incorrect foreign_decl pragmas in ODBC binding
  00001192   Bugminorresolved (pbone)2010-12-13par_conj/consume_wait test is failing in low-level C parallel grades.
  00001703   Bugminorresolved (zs)2010-11-30stage 2 ssdb build failure on goliath
  0000169 1 Bugminornew2010-11-15Lambda predicates do not allow references to existing variables in the head
  0000168    Bugminornew2010-11-08prototypes of C functions used in io module not visible
  0000167    Bugminornew2010-11-04bimap.init could be uo
  0000166    Bugminornew2010-10-27inconsistent treatment of module-specific variables
  00001501   Bugminorresolved (zs)2010-09-15nit in error msg
  000012811 Bugminorresolved (zs)2010-09-15merge_instmapping_delta_2: error merging var 20
  000015911 Bugminorresolved (zs)2010-09-14liveness.m: Unexpected: branches of switch disagree on liveness
  0000164    Bugminornew2010-09-14problem with mmake -j32
  000010992 Bugminorresolved (zs)2010-09-14rotd-2009-10-05's library install fails for grade hlc
  000015431 Bugminornew2010-08-25compiler abort with debugging enabled
  000015811 Bugminorresolved (wangp)2010-08-19char constants do not unify
  00001373   Bugminornew2010-07-21failing analysis framework tests